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Aroma TomsLine Rechargeable Power Supply

A mini power supply to provide you with power to your pedal board or other devices. Days of use per each charge!

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Sick of having to run power cables across the stage to your pedal board?! Tired of bulky power adaptors taking up all the powerboard space?! Fed up with annoying hum through your pedals?! This amazing TomsLine rechargable power supply is your solution, in a size that keeps your board happy and at a price that pleases the wallet too!

How to Use
  • Press the button to turn on the Power Bank. The LED light will flash from red to orange and to green and will stop on the colour that indicates the current battery charge level:
    • Red:      less than 10% battery
    • Orange: less than 50% battery
    • Green: more than 50% battery 


Safety Features

  •  If the Power Bank is overcharged, it will stop recharging.
  •  LED light to indicate when the unit needs to be recharged.
  •  If the recharging voltage is higher or lower than what the Power Bank requires, recharging will be stopped automatically. 
  •  If power polarity of the adaptor is wrong, the pedal will protect itself.  
Recharging Voltage: 10V 
Output Voltage: 9V
Recharging Time:5hours
Output Current:5mA--700mA
Power Capacity: 2000 mAH / 7.4V
Output Ripple:30mV / 50mA
Consumption under Sleep Mode: 35uA

  • APW-3 will turn off automatically if not powering anything after 10 seconds.
  • If the red LED light is flashing fast, remove pedals as it is struggling to provide enough power.
  • If the red LED light is flashing during recharging, the pedal is receiving either too much or not enough power.




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