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TC Helicon Voicelive Play Vocal Multi Effects Pedal

$579.00 inc GST

The TC Helicon Voicelive Play brings all the fantastic TC vocal effects into one unit. Create your own vocal effects or choose from over 200 presets based on songs and artists. Easily add harmonies, double tracking, reverb, compression, and more to your voice!

Barefoot Buttons Pedal Button Switch Cap V1 for 10mm switches

$20.00 inc GST

Born from a common problem, Barefoot created this easy to install customization for all musicians that use pedals, from guitarist, bassist, keyboardists, dj’s and so on.

This inexpensive accessory will fit on most major switches and triggers for effects pedals that musicians use, increasing comfort and accuracy.


Mooer GTRS GWF4 Wireless Footswitch

$149.00 inc GST

The perfect companion to your GTRS Intelligent Guitar, the Mooer GTRS GWF4 is a wireless footswitch that allows you to easily change the sounds on your guitar. Hook it up wirelessly via a 2.4ghz connection and change your tone from your feet. The rechargeable battery makes your whole setup cable free, just rock up with your GTRS guitar and GWF4 and play your gig!

zoom b6 bass multi effects processor
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zoom b6 bass multi effects processor inputs and outputs

Zoom B6 Bass Multi Effects Processor

$799.00 inc GST

The Zoom B6 Bass Multi Effects Processor is a powerhouse multi effects unit for Bass. Choose from a large variety of amp and effects models to get any sound you want. Easily customise your tone with the LCD touch screen.

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2

$309.00 inc GST

In the studio, top-shelf effects processors enhance your voice, providing the depth, warmth and nuance that makes you the undeniable star of the show. But top-shelf gear comes with a hefty price tag – and typically requires an engineer to get it right; that is… until now! Like a professional audio engineer in-a-box, MIC MECHANIC 2 delivers your vocals in all its glory, with the perfect selection of studio-grade effects. Thanks to its built-in reverb, echo, pitch correction and Adaptive Tone, MIC MECHANIC 2 puts all the magic right at your feet in a single and affordable stompbox – and it’s so easy to use.