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Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings Set

$30.95 inc GST
Elixir® Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings deliver the presence, punch and detail of traditional electric guitar strings, but with outstanding life & feel.
It’s no wonder why Elixir are our best-selling electric guitar strings!
Choose your favourite gauge & enjoy the difference.
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Save $18

D’Addario NYXL Electric Guitar Strings Set

$18.99$27.99 inc GST

D’Addario’s self-proclaimed world’s strongest electric guitar string! D’Addario NYXL electric guitar strings will bend farther, sing louder & stay in tune better than any string you’ve played before.

Choose your gauge & rock on!

D’Addario EXL 3D Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings 3-Pack

$41.99$45.99 inc GST

Save $$ on your electric guitar strings when you buy D’Addario EXL 3D 3-packs!

D’Addario EXL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings deliver a distinctive bright tone, excellent intonation & are ideal for the widest variety of guitars and musical styles.

Choose your favourite gauge & enjoy the tone & the savings!

Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus String Winder

$46.95 inc GST

The P09604 Ernie Ball Pegwinder Plus guitar string winder features an ultra-smooth ball bearing design for fast & easy string changes. It also makes a great gift idea for any guitarist!

Rotosound Roto Electric Guitar String Set

$18.95$19.95 inc GST

The Rotosound Roto Electric Guitar String Sets are high quality strings made in England. Rotosound strings use a secret core to cover ratio offering brilliant sustain. Every set of electric Rotos come with an extra 1st string, that one you’re always breaking.

D’Addario XS Coated Electric Guitar Strings

$32.99 inc GST

XS Nickel coated electric guitar strings provide the longest life of any D’Addario electric guitar string. Coated with their groundbreaking XS coating, these premium electric strings attain maximum life and a smooth, fast feel without dampening their outstanding tone. Constructed with a NY Steel core, reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire, and Fusion Twist technology, XS Nickel strings boast superior strength and tuning stability, plus richer harmonics, greater clarity, and remarkable definition with every sweep, slide, and bend.