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BOSS RC-500 Loop Station Pedal

$549.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $137.25 with Afterpay

The BOSS RC-500 Loop Station is an essential partner for guitarists, singer/songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, and anyone who wants to take their looping to the next level. Craft real-time compositions with two loop tracks, mic and stereo instrument inputs, rhythms, and inspiring Loop FX, all backed by premium 32-bit audio quality.

Store loops in onboard memories and explore expanded operation with external controls and MIDI. Filled with next-generation Loop Station features, the RC-500 gives serious creators the tools they need to develop new ideas and deliver impactful performances that will leave audiences wanting more.

BOSS RC-5 Loop Station Pedal

$349.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $87.25 with Afterpay

Step up to the BOSS RC-5 Loop Station and prime your pedalboard with maximum looping range. Capture sound with premium 32-bit quality, navigate parameters and monitor loop status with the backlit LCD, and tap into expanded operation via the control jack and TRS MIDI I/O.
With over 50 rhythms, 13 hours of stereo recording, 99 phrase memories, and more, the compact RC-5 puts a huge source of musical power at your feet.

Singular Sound Beat Buddy Mini 2: Personal Drummer

$359.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $89.75 with Afterpay

With the BeatBuddy MINI 2 Drummer Pedal, use your foot to take full control over your drummer including transitions, fills, intros, and more.

The ergonomic button makes this drummer pedal perfect for playing or jamming out when wearing socks (or barefoot)!

Over 200 styles and samples of professional drummers result in a versatile and organic feeling drum machine.

Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Pedal

$539.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $134.75 with Afterpay

The BOSS VE8 is THE advantage for singer/songwriters who play acoustic guitar – it’s a competitive, crowded world out there! The BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer delivers that extra edge you need to stand out and shine, supporting you with professional BOSS sound every time you perform. Simple to use, the VE8 provides studio-quality voice and guitar processing plus impressive real-time harmonies and looping in one compact, go-everywhere package.

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VOX VLL1 Lil Looper Pedal

$259.99 inc GST

or 4 payments of $65.00 with Afterpay

The VOX Lil’ Looper combines two independent loops with a dozen on-board effects, an easy-to-use design, headphone output, microphone input and solid footswitches and is ideal for guitarists who want to break new ground in looped performances.

Boss RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station Twin Pedal

$529.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $132.25 with Afterpay

Combining song-based looping and organic rhythms in a compact package, the BOSS RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station Pedal brings fresh inspiration to live performances, songwriting sessions, and daily practice. This next-generation Loop Station is a real-time creation machine, enabling you to develop spontaneous music that moves and grooves with two unique song sections, intros/endings, and rhythm fills.

Boss RC-505 Loop Station

$699.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $174.75 with Afterpay

Tabletop Loop Station with five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks, dedicated controls, independent volume faders, and a wide range of effects.

Boss RC-1 Loop Station

$199.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $49.75 with Afterpay

The BOSS RC-1 is a straightforward looper that is easy to operate, with 12 minutes of stereo recording time and 24-segment loop indicator.. Experience the fun of looping when you record, playback, overdub, and undo or redo loops using this compact BOSS stompbox. And of course, the RC1 retains the BOSS quality and performance that musicians around the world have come to expect and rely on.

HeadRush Looperboard Floorboard Looper with 7” Touchscreen

$1,799.00 inc GST

or 4 payments of $449.75 with Afterpay

Headrush Looperboard: the world’s first floorboard looper with a 7” touch display & powerful quad-core processor. Offering over 9 hours of recording time, this 4-channel looper enables you to quickly create and transform your loops via 12 built-in footswitches & a huge touchscreen display that provides all of the dynamic feedback you need to stay focused on building your loops.