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D’Addario Auto Lock Locking Guitar Straps

$45.00 inc GST

D’Addario Auto Lock Guitar Straps are the simplest integrated strap locking system for your guitar or bass. Simply slide the strap end over the guitar strap buttons and you are locked in – it’s that easy!

Fender American Pro 2″ Guitar Straps

$55.00 inc GST

Fender American Pro 2″ Seat Belt Strap: Inspired by the modern colors and vibrant finishes of our American Professional II Series, these straps pair perfectly with your favorite new Fender!

Fender Monogrammed 2 Inch Woven Strap

$35.00 inc GST

Fender’s famous monogrammed 2-inch Woven Guitar Strap is now available with a comfortable nylon underside for an ultra-comfortable fit, plus six different colour options for even more Fender personality!

Fender FSR Limited Edition Support Act Charity Strap

$35.00 inc GST

Fender are donating all their profit from sales of these cool guitar straps to Support Act, to try & assist the thousands of artists, crew and other music industry professionals have lost their entire livelihoods due to the cancellation of concerts, festivals, tours and shows. Established in 1997, Support Act is an Australian charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew members and other music industry employees during times of hardship.