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Empress Tremolo2

$425.00 inc GST

The Empress Tremolo2 is an original design built from the ground up to include innovative features without sacrificing tone. The audio signal path is analog, but the tremolo effect is controlled digitally via opto technology.

Empress Phaser Pedal

$665.00 inc GST

The Empress Phaser pedal is a versatile phaser that gets you some great tones. Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser Pedal offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Choose between 2 stage, 4 stage or an Empress exclusive 3 stage mode; all controllable via tap tempo sweeping through an impressive set of 8 waveforms.

Empress Germ Drive Pedal

$229.00 inc GST

The Empress Germ Drive is a drive that’s true to tube amps of the 50s. This pedal delivers warm, harmonically rich overdrive that cleans up with a twist of your volume knob. Its tube-like break-up sounds extremely natural and will enhance your sound without masking the original tone of your instrument.

Empress Fuzz Pedal

$245.00 inc GST

The Empress Fuzz is a classic sounding fuzz. This particular fuzz has a tight low end, making it ideal if you are after note clarity. Like all fuzz pedals, the Empress Fuzz has a smooth, rich sustain.

Empress Distortion Pedal

$229.00 inc GST

The Empress Distortion is an all-in-one drive pedal that does it all. Choose from mild, crunch, or lead to dial in the amount of distortion you want. This allows you to get anything from a slightly dirty tone to full out distortion. Each setting retains a supertight low end and natural compression of an amp.