Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit

$1,299.00 inc GST

Brand: Yamaha

5-piece Yamaha Rydeen drum kit with bonus Paiste cymbal pack.

Includes 14” Hi-hats, 16” crash, 20” ride cymbals, PLUS BONUS DRUM THRONE.

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Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit

The Yamaha RYDEEN 5-piece drum kit is exactly what any beginner or intermediate player would love to play. This drum set utilizes Yamaha hardware featuring Genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps and features solid and glitter finishes for a total of five vibrant, stylish looks.

Genuine Yamaha tom and pipe clamps

Two 22.2 mm diameter tom clamps, and a pipe clamp. A versatile ball mount gives you the freedom to mount toms at any angle you want, and lets you incorporate other hardware* to create a configuration that’s perfect for you. *Hardware must conform to the standard Yamaha 22.2 mm specification.

P3 type Bass Drum Head

The double film on the edge section provides a muting effect, for a tight, powerful bass drum sound.


Shipping Dimensions

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 500 × 600 × 800 mm

Design/Architecture Detail
Hardware Clamp CL940LB x 2
Lugs Type Separate lug
Shells Thickness 6 ply (7.2mm)
Material Poplar
Head Top SD : Coated , TT / FT : Clear
Bottom SD : S-side , TT / FT : Clear
Front BD : Ebony w/ring mute +Yamaha logo
Batter BD : Clear w/ring mute
Hoop SD/TT/FT : Triple Flange Hoop(Steel 1.5mm) , BD : Steel Hoop w/matching color inlay
Set No. Bass Drum Floor Tom Tom Tom Snare Drum Tom Clamp
RYDEEN EURO 22″x16″ 16″x15″ 12″x8″/10″x7″ 14″x5.5″ CL940LB x2