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Yamaha YRS20B Rainbow Descant Recorder

$19.99 inc GST

Rainbow series Descant / Soprano coloured Recorder from Yamaha, available in 3 great colours.Possibly the world’s most popular model, these recorders are easy to play, have a clear soft tone & look great too! Ideal for school use.

Hohner Fire or Ocean 32-key Melodicas

$139.00 inc GST

The Hohner Force Melodicas Series offer a range of instruments for advanced and professional players. They combine a cool, stage-worthy look with a powerful sound suitable for live and studio performances.

Loog Pro VI Loog Kids Acoustic Guitar

$215.00 inc GST

An acoustic guitar can be an essential learning tool in early child development. The Loog VI Acoustic 6-string guitar is designed to help kids achieve a love for playing music. The Acoustic VI Loog looks great in its range of cool colours & is cute and small, but it’s not a toy. This acoustic is a real guitar, made out of real wood that sounds amazing whatever style you play.

Loog Mini Loog Kids Acoustic Guitar

$150.00 inc GST

The ideal guitar for ages 3+, the Loog Mini is about the same size as a ukulele but plays and sounds like a guitar because it uses nylon guitar strings and standard guitar tuning. That’s why everything you learn on a Loog Mini applies on a regular 6-string guitar as well.

Nuvo TooT 2.0 Fife Mini-Flute

$59.00 inc GST

The Nuvo TooT mini-Flute (fife) is made from ABS & features interchangeable standard and First Note lip plates so that any child can easily become a beginning flautist.

The NUVO TooT is perfect for children who want to take their first step towards playing the flute.