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Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone

Alto saxophone designed with young beginners and smaller players in mind.

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Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone 1
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Wisemann Junior Sized Alto Saxophone Outfit - Perfect for the young beginner!

The Wisemann junior Sax is an alto sax designed with young beginners and smaller players in mind.  Its tenor-sax-style neck brings the instrument closer to the player's body and allows it to sit lower making for a more comfortable head position. The keywork has been designed for small hands. (See images). The body and keys are made of the same high quality brass as all other Wisemann instruments and the intonation is great. The range is the same as for the standard Alto Sax: low Bb to high F#. There are no "missing" keys and the tone is full and rich. Players of smaller stature would be quite happy to continue with this instrument as adults.

  • Tenor-sax-style curved neck.
  • Left Hand side keys set closer to the body and higher up (closer to the top of the instrument).
  • Right Hand low C & Eb keys set higher up.                                                     
  • RH F key extended to be closer to E key with second key adjustor arm to ensure proper sealing of articulated F# key.
  • RH side keys set slightly lower.
  • E key pearl closer to player’s  hand
  • Low D key pearl set higher compared to standard alto sax.High D, Eb and F set close to body to suit smaller hands.
  • F# trill key and high F# key closer together than on standard alto.
  • Double arms on low C and low B.
  • Detachable bow & bell section.
  • Adjustable metal thumb hook.
  • Backpack case.
  • Complete outfit with mouthpiece, cap and ligature. Cleaning cloth, neckstrap and care instructions also included
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Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone 2
Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone 3
Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone 4
Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone 5
Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone 6
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