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pBone pCornet - Plastic Cornet

The pCornet is a plastic cornet that is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. These instruments are perfect for children and beginners alike.

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pTrumpet Plastic Trumpet
A robust and hassle free cornet designed to be a great start for anyone. 
The pCornets are made from a recyclable ABS plastic and come in at just under half the weight of a traditional Cornet! 
Alongside being lightweight, these cornets also have been designed to be very ergonomic and encourage proper technique and posture by being able to play for longer periods of time and not feel like you've just done an upper body workout.
  • Key of Bb
  • Unique fully plastic valve system
  • Includes 2B and 4B mouthpieces
  • All plastic waterkey
  • Patented one piece lead pipe
  • Adjustable tuning slide
  • Includes a fabric bag
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pBone pCornet - Plastic Cornet 4
pBone pCornet - Plastic Cornet Red
pBone pCornet - Plastic Cornet Blue
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