sE Electronics Microphones & AccessoriesFounded in 2000 by Siwei Zou, sE Electronics has rapidly grown into an internationally respected audio manufacturer, constructing the highest quality equipment at affordable prices.

sE Electronics have a wide range of microphones available for all price ranges, so whether you’re an amateur musician or a seasoned professional, sE will have something for you. And, with the vast range of sE products we have available in-store and online, we’ll help you find the right microphone for you.

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sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter X

$209.99 inc GST
The sE RF-X Reflexion Filter X is an instant vocal booth for any home studio!

“The RF-X does a great job of dampening room noise for vocalists, giving you a dry vocal sound to which you can add effects in the mix…we found it worked really well, getting the same result as far more expensive options.”
MusicTech Magazine, July 2017