empress effects logoEmpress Effects make high quality effect pedals designed for musicians looking for a unique tone. Empress focus on creating innovative pedals whilst keeping the user experience intuitive. This leaves you with a great sounding pedal that’s as small as it can be while remaining easy to use.

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Empress Phaser Pedal

$695.00 inc GST

The Empress Phaser pedal is a versatile phaser that gets you some great tones. Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser Pedal offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio. Choose between 2 stage, 4 stage or an Empress exclusive 3 stage mode; all controllable via tap tempo sweeping through an impressive set of 8 waveforms.

Empress Germ Drive Pedal

$245.00 inc GST

The Empress Germ Drive is a drive that’s true to tube amps of the 50s. This pedal delivers warm, harmonically rich overdrive that cleans up with a twist of your volume knob. Its tube-like break-up sounds extremely natural and will enhance your sound without masking the original tone of your instrument.

Empress Fuzz Pedal

$245.00 inc GST

The Empress Fuzz is a classic sounding fuzz. This particular fuzz has a tight low end, making it ideal if you are after note clarity. Like all fuzz pedals, the Empress Fuzz has a smooth, rich sustain.

Empress Distortion Pedal

$245.00 inc GST

The Empress Distortion is an all-in-one drive pedal that does it all. Choose from mild, crunch, or lead to dial in the amount of distortion you want. This allows you to get anything from a slightly dirty tone to full out distortion. Each setting retains a supertight low end and natural compression of an amp.