Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid Celviano Digital Piano

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Brand: Casio

The Celviano GP-310 Grand Hybrid series digital piano features a real Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard, developed in collaboration with Berlin’s C. Bechstein pianos.

Featuring the finest nuances of the world’s most famous grand pianos, Casio’s Celviano GP310 is an incredible substitute for a traditional grand piano, at a fraction of the price and space!

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Casio Celviano GP310 Grand Hybrid Digital Grand Piano

The Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid reproduces the finest nuances of the world’s most famous grand pianos. The high-quality amplifier system with six speakers also creates a complex sound like that known only from acoustic grand pianos. Features such as 26 sounds, Concert Play function and Hall Simulator leave almost nothing to be desired for ambitious piano playing.

  • 3 outstanding Grand Piano Tones
  • AiR Grand Sound Source – Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard Grand Acoustic System
  • Grand Pedal System Adjustable lid position Concert Play (15 titles) Music Library (60 titles)
  • MIDI and audio recording USB to host and device 26 Tones
  • Satin Black
  • Includes matching piano bench

Incredible Sound – Three Legendary Pianos. Their individual character and tone faithfully recreated.
The Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid Celviano reproduces even subtle nuances of the world’s most respected pianos. Three pianos that originate in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna were chosen for this project. CASIO has painstakingly researched and analyzed the unique characteristics of each piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers the brilliant sound of these pianos, reproduced with CASIO’s advanced technology and provides the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on Earth.


  • Berlin Grand: A balanced, elegant sound; ideal for playing impressionistic music. Notable for its clear, ringing tone across the entire range.

  • Hamburg Grand: A brilliant, rich sound. Loved by pianists for its wide range of expression & well suited for various playing styles and genres.

  • Vienna Grand: Noted for its impressive low range. Great for both soft and vigorous playing with its warm tone and is an ideal instrument for music from the classical period.

The AiR Grand Sound Source recreates the grand piano sound experience
CASIO’s AiR (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) Grand Sound Source is designed to meticulously convey every aspect of the grand piano sound. Smooth dynamics between soft and loud playing are made possible with CASIO’s Multi- Dimensional Morphing technology. Damper and sympathetic string resonance is also faithfully recreated. Even the mechanical sounds of the grand piano are also provided to create a deep sense of realism. Press the damper pedal, and hear the sound of the felt as it lifts away from the strings. Completing the experience, you can even adjust the lid position, which will affect the acoustics of the piano as if you had adjusted the lid on an acoustic grand piano. Closing your eyes, you will feel like sitting at a 9-foot concert grand.
The Grand Acoustic System adds new dimension to your playing
Our hearing goes beyond simply left and right, and we can detect the origin of sound from all directions. Using an exclusive six-speaker amplification system, CELVIANO Grand Hybrid recreates the three- dimensional sound field that an acoustic grand piano generates. The top speakers present sounds normally heard rising upwards. The bottom speakers facing downwards present sounds heard from below. This simulation fills the space with complex, rich sound reaching both the performer and audience. The volume can be adjusted on CELVIANO Grand Hybrid to sound even louder than its acoustic counterparts without sacrificing clarity or detail.
 Linear Morphing Technology creates smooth transitions between soft and strong sound based on playing strength.
The Grand Hybrid experience goes far beyond playing piano:
Play in a legendary space
The incredible Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid includes a Hall Simulator featuring numerous world-class performance venues. Using advanced analysis and signal processing, CASIO has recreated the acoustic characteristics of renowned concert halls, opera houses, cathedrals and other performance spaces around the world. You can instantly select one of these settings, creating an immersive atmosphere for your performance.
Play with a symphony orchestra
Playing with an orchestra is an extraordinarily thrilling event. Concert Play feature demonstrates orchestral performance for a pianist to enjoy an experience of playing as a soloist accompanied by a full orchestra. 15 pieces of music are built in. When you practice, a convenient playback function offers capabilities of play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and A-B segment repeat. Using a Slow Mode, the tempo of these pieces can be slowed to 80% of normal speed as needed.
AiR Grand Sound Source
The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid incorporates AiR Grand Sound Source, a newly developed system using CASIO’s state-of-the-art sound technologies. It includes many impressive features. Multi-dimensional Morphing delivers smooth changes between soft & strong playing. Acoustic Simulator reproduces the characteristics of sounds produced by acoustic grand pianos. The authenticity generated by the AiR Grand Sound Source ensures a pure piano experience.
Multi-dimensional Morphing

Multi dimensional morphing

On an acoustic grand piano, the volume and quality of sounds change from the time the keys are struck until they die away. CASIO’s Multi-dimensional Morphing technology enables natural,smooth transitions in sound volume and tone based on the power of the keystroke. This technology contributes to more expressive performances.
Acoustic Simulator
Resonance System
The various types of resonance in a grand piano are crucial to the playing experience. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid incorporates String Resonance, which exposes the harmonic relationships between various strings when keys are struck. Also Damper Resonance reproduces the resonance occurring when a damper pedal is pressed. In the case of the GP-500BP, Open String Resonance and Aliquot Resonance add realism. CASIO’s Resonance System reproduces the resonance of both the strings and sound board of a grand piano by selecting, controlling and synthesizing according to performance conditions.
Hardware Resonator
The unique, newly developed Hardware Resonator synthesizes Damper, Open String and Aliquot Resonances to reproduce distinctive, individual sounds for all the respective 88 keys.
Action Sound System
A grand piano also generates several types of mechanical sounds, which are an important part of the playing experience. CASIO has sought to provide a more realistic simulation by reproducing the sounds of these mechanisms.
Key Off Simulator
The lengths of the lingering sounds produced by a grand piano vary depending on the speed at which players release their fingers after pressing the keys. In a similar fashion, CASIO’s Key Off Simulator controls the length of these sounds based on the key’s release speed. This enables players to express delicate nuances when playing staccato and legato.
Hammer Response
The timing of a grand piano’s sound varies subtly depending on which keys are being played, even when the keys are struck with the same force. To achieve optimal authenticity, CASIO has installed appropriate settings for each of the three grand piano tones. The sound production timing can also be adjusted to suit the player.
Incredibly realistic hammer response of the Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid
Grand Hybrid Hammer Action
Grand Pedal System
By continuously sensing and detecting the position of the damper pedal, CASIO’s Grand Pedal System enables fine-tuning of the damping volume and note length depending on the degree of pedal depression. In addition, the Half Pedal Position function permits adjustment of the depression position at which the damping effect comes into play according to the player’s preference.
Grand Acoustic System
CASIO has developed a new dedicated speaker system for the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid that reproduces the characteristics of sound emanating upwards and downwards from an acoustic grand piano. The four-channel audio system incorporates six speakers, carefully positioned in a structural design that releases sound outward from the interior of the body. The system delivers the same sound field experience a player would enjoy while playing an acoustic grand piano.
Adjustable Lid Position
The design of the Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid includes a top panel that can be manually raised and lowered. The lid’s position not only physically affects the sound coming from the upper speakers, but also works in conjunction with the “Lid Position” setting to accurately duplicate the characteristics of the adjustable lid on an acoustic grand piano.
Hall Simulator & Listening Position
Twelve types of Hall Simulator are included; each one based on careful analysis of the acoustic characteristics of a world-famous concert venue. Each space has a total of four Listening Position settings. For example, the pianist can simulate the experience of hearing the piano from a seat in the audience, as opposed to the playing position.
Headphone Mode
Headphone Mode automatically creates a spacious sonic image while wearing headphones, recreating the feeling of playing an acoustic piano. With the experience of wearing headphones significantly enhanced, pianists can enjoy playing naturally and feeling the sound field of a traditional grand piano.
Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid offers an immersive headphone listening experience

Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard
For an authentic piano touch, CASIO has developed a new keyboard system called the “Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard”. This keyboard system features full-length wooden keys as well as hammers that follow the same path of motion as in a concert grand piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid features keys that are manufactured using exactly the same materials as acoustic grand piano. Careful attention is paid not only to finish of the surfaces of the keys but also to the quality of the wood employed for the key beds. This combination of an outstanding action mechanism and superior-quality key materials further enhances the sensation of playing an acoustic grand piano.
Natural Grand Hammer Action of the Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid
1. Original Tri-Sensor action mechanism
The core of the Casio GP-310 Grand Hybrid Celviano’s keyboard performance is created by CASIO’s proprietary action mechanism. This mechanism includes a hammer movement modeled from a grand piano and three sensors, which accurately capture a performer expression from the keys. Since there are no physical strings, CASIO’s action is able to exceed the performance characteristics of a grand piano, providing superior playability that enables pianists to perform such actions as trills and repetitive notes with ease.
2. Keyboard surface materials
The use of acrylic for the white keys and phenol for the black keys — the same materials that modern grand pianos employ. This creates a welcome and familiar touch. Pianists will feel comfortable and confident on the keys of CELVIANO Grand Hybrid.
3. Fulcrum distance from keys
The position of the fulcrum with respect to the keys is exactly the same as with a grand piano. This contributes to stable playing performance, since the touch is never heavier or lighter depending on the position at which a finger strikes a key.
The keyboard is made of the same high-quality Austrian spruce as the keyboards on C. Bechstein grand pianos. Careful attention is paid to drying and processing of this high-quality material before keyboard construction begins.

Recording Functions
Audio Recorder
CELVIANO Grand Hybrid pianos have the ability to record performances on USB flash memory available on the market as stereo audio files (44.1 kHz, stereo .WAV format). Recordings can be stored or played back on a computer or transferred to CDs or other media. The piano’s built-in full playback function permits use of such features as pause, fast-forward, rewind and A-B segment repeat.
MIDI Recorder
This function enables players to record their own performances freely in the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid’s memory. It helps users improve their playing skills by reviewing their own performances objectively afterwards. This full playback function permits use of such features as pause, fast-forward, rewind and A-B segment repeat during playback.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 1600 × 750 × 750 mm


88-key piano keyboard
Layer, Split
Duet: Adjustable tone range (-2 to +2 octaves)
Transpose: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones
Octave shift: 4 octaves (-2 to 0 to +2)
Sound Source
Number of Tones: 26
Maximum polyphony: 256 notes
Touch Response: 5 sensitivity levels, Off
Tuning: 415.5Hz to 440.0Hz to 465.9Hz (0.1Hz units)
Temperament: Equal temperament plus 16 other types
Stretch Tuning: 5 types, Off, Auto Setting
Acoustic Simulator
String resonance, Damper resonance, Damper noise, Key on action noise, Key off action noise, Hammer response, Lid simulator
Hall simulator (12 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance (-3 to 0 to 3), DSP, Headphone mode
Concert Play
Number of Songs: 15
Playback of Concert Play songs obtained with a computer, etc.
Song volume: Adjustable
Playback at 80% of normal tempo
Music Library

Number of Songs: 60, User Songs: 10 (Up to approximately 90KB per song, approxim