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Tycoon STK-29 MA Supremo Marble Cajon

29 Series SUPREMO Marble Cajon

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Tycoon STK-29 MA Supremo Marble Cajon 1
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Schlagwerk CP580 Cajon Super Agile Silver Lining
Agilis is a Latin word meaning "easily moved”. The word "agile” has developed from this in many languages as a synonym for energy, ease and liveliness. A fitting name for Schlagwerk’s new cajon series. The technical core is formed by a removable element for creating an exceptionally fast and precisely responsive snare sound.
This sensitive attack is produced in the base & dual models using a snare carpet. In the pro models a flexible damping system combined with adjustable string tension ensures a very agile attack.
Playing surface: Silver Lining designer veneer
Resonance box: 8 layers of birch, approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Agile string & snare technology
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