Wazinator StompboxesWazinator Australia started in 2007 as a single hand made stompbox made at home in batches of 7. These days the Wazinator Classic KSB319 are made in batches of 105! The shed they rent is in Yelgun, just opposite the Splendour In the Grass site.

Wazinator began by experimenting with stompbox designs. The range available at the time was quite limited and highly priced, so the Wazinator team were motivated to create their own line of stompboxes that delivered a great sound for affordable prices. They’ve done just that, and we’re proud to stock these fantastic stompboxes at Piper’s Wollongong Music Centre.

Whether you want something compact for easy transport or a big stompbox that’ll help you tear the house down, we’ve got you covered.

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Wazinator DropKick Alloy Stompbox KSB883

$329.00 inc GST

The Wazinator Dropkick diecast alloy stompbox will let you stomp your way through the hottest and sweatiest of gigs.Your Dropkick KSB883 will deliver the bottom end control you need, all while you feel the power under your foot – your dynamics giving your songs more impact than ever before.

Wazinator Classic Stompbox KSB319

$369.00 inc GST

The Wazinator Classic KSB319 stomp box is a beautiful instrument to play. The deep woody tone is what first jumps out at you, due to the unique compressed air activation system. As you stomp on the timber surface this compresses the air in the cavity, forcing it into the diaphragm of the pickup. This makes a low and pleasing tone with harmonics similar to an acoustic bass drum.