TamaSince their establishment in 1974, Tama Drums have defined the industry standard for drums and hardware. They’ve consistently innovated and improved the market, being the first company to create the boom stand, as well as multi clamps for cymbals.

Their commitment to innovation and high quality equipment has made them the brand of choice for professional drummers all over the world, and their roadworthy drum hardware has proven time and time again to be some of the best available today.

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Tama MS205 Microphone Boom Stand

$169.00 inc GST

The Tama MS205 is our best-selling pro quality microphone boom stand!

With its all-metal parts, this heavy-duty chrome mic stand has proven over and over again that it will handle the many rigors of the road for years to come.

Tama HT530B Wide Rider Drum Throne

$549.00 inc GST

Tama’s Wide-Rider HT530B premium drum throne’s front cutaways allow unimpeded movement for your thighs, for drummers who prefer this style.

This awesome saddle seat drum stool is available with either a durable PVC seat or a newly designed cloth top seat.