Paiste CymbalsMany drummers, percussionists, enthusiasts, and collectors consider Paiste the most innovative cymbal company today.

Originating all the way back in 1901 in a modest shop in St. Petersburg, Russia, they have continued to prove themselves as an industry leader in percussion over the last century. They originate innovation by their own creative experimental efforts, discovering new alloys, new instrument shapes, and new production methods.

Paiste cymbals have expanded the sound horizons of millions of musicians, and their constant innovation shows a burning desire to further deepen the sonic horizons of drums and percussion. Try a Paiste cymbal and hear the difference for yourself.

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Paiste Deco Gong

$159.99$309.99 inc GST

A true miniature symphonic gong with a 7”, 10” or 13” diameter for your personal musical environment, this Deco Gong comes with a mallet and stand.Paiste Deco Gongs are hammered by hand, according to tradition and fascinate through their wonderful exotic sound.