Mad Professor Pedals logoMad Professor Amplification create amplifiers and guitar effects pedals with their own unique story to tell. Originating back in 2002, MP became one of the biggest Finnish manufacturers in the music industry. In doing so they also enriched the collections of guitarists all over the world with their authentic high-quality guitar pedals.

Mad Professor aren’t just a brand of pedals for the enthusiast or professional player but are just at home with hobby players too. In creating their often-unique pedals, MP have also truly lived up to their name! They love believing in sound, tone, and music itself. They are what we believe in!

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Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus Pedal

$375.00 inc GST

The Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus (EBC) uses a sine wave generator for a more pleasing and gentler “liquid wave” sound. It also has a very musical modulation with even stronger chorus settings and tones that lean toward vibrato that sets it apart from most other chorus pedals. This is the chorus pedal that every player will love!

Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive Pedal

$375.00 inc GST

The Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive offers a wide range of tones from light overdrive into distortion and at lowest Distortion knob setting works as an EQ. It can also be used to create tube amp-like crunchy ‘strike hard for distortion’ effect. There is not much filtering on the overdrive, to provide a transparent tone that you can tailor with both the Treble and Bass controls.

Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay Pedal

$415.00 inc GST

The Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay pedal is a natural sounding digital/analog delay, with an analog direct signal path.

The Deep Blue Delay has about the same bandwidth as the classic tape echo units, and it can be used in front of an amplifier or in amplifier effects loops.

Mad Professor KOSMOS Reverb Pedal

$425.00 inc GST

The Mad Professor Kosmos Reverb is a small, easy to use and super versatile pedal for a wide variety of ambient reverbs. With just one footswitch you can, of course, turn the pedal ON and OFF, but also hold the switch for freeze function ambient effect or make beautiful swell effects without the need of a volume pedal.

Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz Pedal

$375.00 inc GST

The Fire Red Fuzz isn’t just another variation of a classic fuzz design, but a unique pedal with its own character and extremely versatile Tone control. It is great for recording different layers of Fuzz tones from haunting dark to cutting thin bright. Whatever setting you use the tone is always very musical and controllable – this is a True Bypass fuzz pedal with long sustain and a lot of tonal variations.

Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor Pedal

$415.00 inc GST

The Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor (FGC) is designed to meet the highest standards of guitar and bass compression. There is extremely low noise throughout the range and a high overload margin, which allows also a wide dynamic input range at minimum distortion and noise.

Mad Professor ‘1’ Distortion Pedal with Reverb

$375.00 inc GST

The Mad Professor 1 pedal is a Distortion Pedal with Reverb, designed to provide the highly sought after ‘brown’ guitar tones of the late ‘70s & early ‘80s.Like that legendary tone, this pedal produces intense drive while retaining high definition. The pedal also includes a built-in reverb circuit to add ambiance and depth to your sound.