Kyser CaposKyser Capos started with an idea as Milton Kyser envisioned a better capo way back in 1980. He wanted one that was reliable, handmade in the USA and that made changing keys fast. So, Milton spent years of night after night in the clubs of Deep Ellum, Texas, bringing that vision into focus.

Four decades later, Milton’s Quick-Change Capo is still all those things. With a lifetime warranty and glowing reviews from Texas legends and superstars like Gary Clark Jr. and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kyser guitar capos have become an industry standard.

Kyser’s capos are fantastic quality, high value and easy to use. As a result, they’re perfect for players of any ability level.

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Fender x Kyser Quick Change Electric Guitar Capo

$49.95 inc GST

Two legendary brands. Four legendary finishes.

Introducing the Fender® x Kyser® Quick-Change® Electric Guitar Capo — the classic Kyser® trigger-style design, now in recognizable vintage colors inspired by the golden age of electric guitar.

Kyser KG6 Clip-on Guitar Capo

$49.95 inc GST

Available in an amazing range of great colours & designs, the Kyser K6G USA made quick change capo for steel string guitars is expertly engineered and built to last.