Hohner Music LogoHohner harmonicas, melodicas and accessories are regarded as the best around. Their company was built upon the passion & commitment to their craft and the traditions which it inspires. This passion is a defining element of that famous Hohner sound and a key to unlocking the world of music.

Hohner’s mission is to share this passion with you by creating quality crafted instruments that enable you to genuinely Enjoy Music.

Hohner has dedicated everything towards music because music isn’t just a way of life. Music is the best way of life! They feel so strongly about this that they want to help everyone open the door to the magical experience that is playing music. Hohner’s instruments are designed for enjoyment because they want to inspire you to play more and improve your skills. Hohner have something for everyone!

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Hohner Fire or Ocean 32-key Melodicas

$139.00 inc GST

The Hohner Force Melodicas Series offer a range of instruments for advanced and professional players. They combine a cool, stage-worthy look with a powerful sound suitable for live and studio performances.