The outstanding design of a G7th Capo benefits both the player and their guitar. Their flagship Performance capos are super easy to adjust due to their unique finger tension mechanisms. Unlike traditional clip-on capos, this patented design only places as much pressure on the guitar neck as you require.

By removing this unnecessary pressure off the neck of your guitar, G7 capos minimize string buzz & attain a crisper tone than when using traditional capos. Just as importantly, it avoids leaving marks and scratches on the neck of your beloved guitar!

These capos are incredibly engineered and a must-have for any dedicated guitarist. Visit us and try a G7th Capo for yourself. You won’t be disappointed that you did!

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G7th Performance 3 Guitar Capo

$99.95 inc GST

The G7th Performance 3 capo is the culmination of years of designing, tweaking, and improving – but most importantly, listening to guitarists and their views on what a capo SHOULD do.

Now, coupling G7th’s Unique Tension Control system with the groundbreaking ART® string pad mechanism gives a near-perfect capo experience.

The perfect capo for virtually all steel 6 string acoustic, electric or hybrid nylon string guitars.