If you don’t often break your strings and want the longest lasting, best feeling strings around, Elixir strings are for you! Other brands try to replicate them, but they all fall short when it comes to string longevity. Due to the patented way that Elixir coat their guitar strings, the entire string is protected from corrosion & the build-up which weakens your strings.

Available for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, mandolin & banjo, Elixir strings last longer, feel better under your fingers & are our best-selling strings.

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Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings Set

$30.95 inc GST
Elixir® Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings deliver the presence, punch and detail of traditional electric guitar strings, but with outstanding life & feel.
It’s no wonder why Elixir are our best-selling electric guitar strings!
Choose your favourite gauge & enjoy the difference.

Elixir Nanoweb Bass Guitar Strings

$108.00$133.00 inc GST


The longest lasting tone – night after night!
Elixir® Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings with a NANOWEB® Coating deliver a rich, rounded tone with greater clarity and heavier mid-range presence, plus a smooth, natural feel and reduced finger squeak.

Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

$40.95 inc GST

Elixir Nanoweb Long Life Acoustic Guitar Strings, with nanoweb coated wound strings and anti-rust plain strings.

Whether it’s the best-selling 12-53 Light gauge or the something lighter for easier playability, just choose your favourite set!

Elixir Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB Coating deliver distinctive phosphor bronze warmth and sparkle together with extended tone life that players have come to expect from Elixir Strings.

Elixir Polyweb 80/20 Resonator Guitar Strings

$40.95 inc GST

Elixir® Resonator Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Strings with POLYWEB® Coating deliver a warm, “played-in” tone, together with extended tone life that players have come to expect from Elixir Strings.

The Resonator 16/56 Polyweb Set features smooth-feel coated wound strings and rust proof plain strings.