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Michael Kelly Guitars Forte Exotic JE Acoustic/Electric

The Forte Exotic JE is an innovative acoustic-electric guitar, featuring a stunning Java Ebony top & Michael Kelly's unique offset toneport soundhole.

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Michael Kelly Forte Exotic JE Acoustic/Electric Guitar

When you first lay eyes on the Forte Exotic JE you can't help but notice its striking appearance, thanks to the Java Ebony top. The styling is enhanced thanks to a bold satin black finish on the Okoume back and sides and the addition of black binding and hardware.
The sonic performance is just as striking as the Forte Exotic's look. These woods combine to give you a full-bodied rich and deep tone that is further improved by Michael Kelly's Port Technology, which positions the soundhole off-centre and opens up a larger soundboard.
Want to plug it in? No problem. The Forte Exotic JE includes a complete Fishman pickup system, which is active and includes both a volume and tone control. They've located these inside of the soundhole, on the top where you can easily access them and adjust on the fly, but all without putting a big plastic box attached to the side!

Acoustic guitar design has not changed significantly since the pre-World War II era. For several years now, the Michael Kelly team has been working on a fresh new approach to acoustic guitars. This has culminated with the development of the new Port Technology. At the core of this innovation is an offset soundhole approach coupled with an all new bracing design. Traditional soundhole placement interrupts a potentially potent "soundboard” area located between the neck and the bridge. By relocating the soundhole, Michael Kelly was able to bring this area to life, providing a louder and more resonate overall top performance. This performance enhancement is especially evident on models with integrated electronics where the added resonance collaborates with the bridge mounted piezo for undeniably better results.
The active amplification system by Fishman® includes an onboard control for volume and one for tone. These are mounted inside of the soundhole for easy access, and this avoids the need to cut a hole in the side of your guitar, maximizing performance.
It always happens at the worst possible time — you break a string at a gig. What if you could radically shorten the time it takes to change your string? The Michael Kelly Zero Pin Bridge makes that possible.
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