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Coda Bow Luma Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow

The CodaBow Luma Carbon Fiber 4/4 Violin Bow is the ideal solution for any violin player seeking a highly-maneuverable bow that produces a full spectrum of tonal color. A few grams lighter than its Diamond companions, the Luma is inspired by the strong, light facility and tonally-rich bows of Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin.

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Coda Bow Luma 4/4 Carbon Fiber Violin Bow
WEIGHT: Approx.58 Grams
An ideal bow of light facility and rich tonality, the LUMA delivers a truly enlightened performance to every style.
With a nod to the great French bowmakers Lamy and Voirin, the LUMA has a high, shimmering timbre as silky as its handling. The Aero frog design off-loads the hand while the lightness of the shaft allows a facile and nimble response for flashy, technical passages. The bow’s silvery tone and graceful agility is well-suited to intimate settings, blends well in ensembles, and is sought by players of all styles. It appeals especially to players desiring lightness in weight and character.
Popular with Bluegrass and Jazz fiddlers, the CodaBow Luma offers the player an extraordinarily polished response, with little surface noise. Its attack is not quick, but rather smooth and clean - almost feathery. It weighs in at only 58 grams, but produces a strong, clear tone, for such a light stick. A great companion bow and a good choice for advancing students.
Facile and Deliberate
Select 3-D weaving lightens the LUMA while still achieving desired flexibility and response.  Reminiscent of the remarkable bows of Voirin and Lamy, the LUMA offers quick, light facility while still possessing the deliberate command of the string typically lost with lighter bows.  For players specifically seeking a lighter bow experience without compromise, the LUMA is your bow!
Colour and Character
The LUMA's Acoustic Core is a breakthrough in sound.  Conventional wisdom and experience has shown most players that most light bows (and light carbon fiber bows in particular), though sometimes loud, lack the tonal color or dimension of more traditionally-weighted pernambuco bows.  By utilizing more than just carbon fiber, the LUMA's core brings uncharacteristically large dimension and color.
The streamlined Aero design offloads the hand to enhance facility while increasing the bow’s attack.
Individual I.D Number
An individual serial number is engraved on the underside of each bow for registration by the original owner.

Manufacturer's Description:
The LUMA features specialized performance both timeless and rare. Inspired by the historically remarkable bows of Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin that possess both light facility and rich tonality, CodaBow’s design team combined the skills of master makers, leading scientists, and professional artists to create this enlightened design.

An excellent companion bow to the more classical DIAMOND designs, the LUMA offers light touch (58 gms) and quick response while still delivering layered sound. The LUMA accesses new frontiers for a wide range of styles. Compelling for Bluegrass, Jazz, and Classical players alike, the LUMA complements the traditional bows in a player’s case.

The LUMA’s trademark Graphite Diamond Weave architecture extends precisely from button to tip. This naturally-elegant technology strikes the highly-sought balance between strength and flexibility. The LUMA’s Acoustic Core, comprised of a medley of advanced fibers, imbues a natural sensitivity and organic characteristic to this complementary design.

"The LUMA is a tribute to history’s innovative makers and a testament to modern bow design,” said Jeff Van Fossen, president of CodaBow International.

  • Soft, Smooth Attack
  • Light-Weight
  • Top Choice for Old-Time and Mountain Music
  • 4/4 violin bow
  • Kevlar acoustic core
  • Aero XEBONY® Frog
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty to the original registered owner. Bow must be purchased from an authorised dealer.
  • Handcrafted in USA
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