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Ernie Ball PARADIGM Strings
PARADIGM Strings by Ernie Ball
PARADIGM are the most advanced guitar strings ever created by any string manufacturer, and they represent everything that Ernie Ball believes a string should be – great sounding, slinky and responsive under your fingers, break resistant, longer lasting, and durable under the toughest playing conditions. 
Yes, PARADIGM delivers the iconic Slinky tone that the world’s greatest guitar players have counted on for over 50 years. PARADIGM players get all the benefits of these cutting edge technologies, without ANY compromise in feel or tone.
Ernie Ball is the only string manufacturer who GUARANTEES that their strings won’t break or rust. If your strings break or rust within 90 days, they’ll replace them!
If you've done what Petrucci, Gilbert, Hammett & Kenny-Wayne couldn't do and have actually broken your PARADIGMs inside of 90 days from purchase, click the button below & complete the warranty claim form to arrange your replacement strings.


While a high performance guitar string with extended tone life is the grail for many companies, Ernie Ball is the only manufacturer achieving this goal on multiple fronts. Whereas some makers try to extend life by minimising string contamination and subsequent rust by using a sheath or coating, others try to do the same thing by targeting the risk of breakage by using stronger materials. 

PARADIGM solves both dimensions of this longer-life challenge in one product.
PARADIGM extends string life through BOTH increased resistance to corrosion AND increased resistance to breakage!

1. Thanks to Ernie Ball's evolved Everlast nano treatment, PARADIGM string wire naturally repels contaminants that would otherwise build up and lead to both reduced tone and corrosion

2. Ernie Ball's primary stage high temperature plasma bath cleans and restructures the surface of PARADIGM wire at a molecular level, removing defects and irregularities, and creating a more stable string surface that is less reactive to environmental contaminants, like body oils, acids and sweat.

3. The steel used in PARADIGM strings is unique – it’s a new high strength steel that is stronger than anything else on the market, providing up to 37% more tensile strength and 70% more fatigue strength than traditional coated strings. This has been proven in independent lab tests (see below).

4. PARADIGM strings also leverage Ernie Ball’s patented RPS (reinforced plain strings) technology – an additional winding of brass wire that is tightly wrapped around the lock twist of the ball end of the plain strings, minimising string slippage and breakage at the ball end where these most often occur. As a result, PARADIGM’s RPS plains last longer and also stay in tune better than conventional plain strings


PARADIGM strings are GUARANTEED to maintain legendary Slinky® tone and feel while delivering a completely new level of both strength and longevity!

PARADIGM Electric String Sets
Paradigm P020023 9-42Paradigm P02022 9-46Paradigm P02021 10-46Paradigm P02020 11-48Paradigm P02015 10-52Paradigm P02027 11-54Paradigm P02026 12-56Paradigm P02028 10-56 7-StringParadigm P02030 10-62 7-String
PARADIGM Acoustic String Sets
PARADIGM Phosphor Bronze Acoustic P02080 10-50PARADIGM Phosphor Bronze Acoustic P02078 11-52PARADIGM Phosphor Bronze Acoustic P02076 12-54PARADIGM Phosphor Bronze Acoustic P02074 13-56
PARADIGM 80/20 Bronze Acoustic P02090 10-50PARADIGM 80/20 Bronze Acoustic P02088 11-52PARADIGM 80/20 Bronze Acoustic P02086 12-54PARADIGM 80/20 Bronze Acoustic P02084 13-56
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