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390 Crown St, Wollongong West NSW 2500
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The CS665A boom cymbal stand features double braced legs, a disappearing boom arm that allows the stand to convert to a straight stand and Yamaha's offset tilter for easy transportation. This two tier stand is height adjustable between 80cms and 163cm.
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Yamaha CS665A Boom Stand
Quality boom stand with medium weight, center tilter & quality single-braced legs.
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Yamaha CS755
Quality boom stand with heavy weight, step free tilter, double-braced legs.
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Yamaha CS865
The DFP8500C is a double chain drive double pedal with adjustments for beater angle and spring tension. The traditional felt beater is perfectly weighted for power and speed.
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Yamaha DFP-8500C
The FP7210A is a single Chain Drive pedal with a horizontal frame brace & beater angle adjustment.
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Yamaha FP-7210A
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