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390 Crown St, Wollongong West NSW Australia 2500
Ph: (02) 4228 9286

Acoustic Guitars

At  Piper's Wollongong Music Centre, we stock a lot of acoustic guitars....and a lot of those have pickup systems onboard so that you can plug them in too. Every player has their own preference for the feel & tone that they desire...and that's a great thing! That's what makes shopping for a new guitar so much fun, because EVERY single guitar has a different tone, response & feel.

One of our favourite things is helping someone choose their next guitar. It's not about selling them what we like, or what is on sale, but rather assisting them to find the guitar that fulfils their requirements, desires & dreams...as well as what feels & sounds best to them! 

Remember, you'll spend a LOT of time with your guitar...and we strive to ensure that every time you pick up your guitar, it makes you smile & want to play it. That's one of the reasons we've been doing this for over 50 years, right here in the Illawarra.

Obviously, reading about guitars is not the best way to choose yours... we all have different ideas on what we like. Coming in to the store & playing some guitars is definitely the best way to decide who the next member of your family will be...but a bit of preliminary reading never hurts, does it?!

Here are some links to a few of our personal favourites...enjoy, and we hope to see you at Wollongong Music to let our experience help you choose your ideal guitar.

Alhambra Guitars Ashton Guitars
Boulder Creek Guitars Cole Clark Guitars
Cort Guitars Epiphone Guitars
Fender Guitars Gibson Guitars
Hohner Guitars Ibanez Guitars
Martinez Guitars Maton Guitars

Are you searching for an acoustic guitar with an enormous yet responsive tone? How about Aussie made?

Takamine Guitars Tanglewood Guitars

Yamaha Guitars

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