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Yamaha YRS20B Rainbow

Rainbow series Descant / Soprano coloured Recorder from Yamaha, available in 3 great colours.
Possibly the world's most popular model, these recorders are easy to play, have a clear soft tone & look great too! Ideal for school use.

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Yamaha YRS20B Rainbow 1
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Yamaha YRS-24B Descant Recorder

Yamaha recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone's musical education. They offer an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control, and feature an accuracy of intonation you would expect to find only one more expensive models. Though other maker's plastic recorders may have a similar appearance, Yamaha ABS recorders are truly superior instruments.
These translucent, candy coloured Rainbow Recorders are real instruments, not toys. They are made of the same ABS resin material as Yamaha's regular recorders, and offer the same superior tuning, the same beautiful tone, and the same great durability. They play effortlessly with a rich, full sound, and with their colourful look they make even routine practice fun!


Control Interface

Key Key systems Baroque system


Body ABS Resin


Key C


Included Accessories Case clear plastic case
Others fingering chart
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Yamaha YRS20B Rainbow 2
Yamaha YRS20B Rainbow 3
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