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Nuvo TooT 2.0 Fife Mini-Flute

$59.00 inc GST

The Nuvo TooT mini-Flute (fife) is made from ABS & features interchangeable standard and First Note lip plates so that any child can easily become a beginning flautist.

The NUVO TooT is perfect for children who want to take their first step towards playing the flute.

Nuvo DooD 2.0 Mini-Clarinet

$59.00 inc GST

The NUVO DooD 2.0 is a brand new concept for single reed music education. A natural next step for a child playing the recorder, the DooD is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age. With its mellow clarinet-like sound, the DooD makes a great addition to any recorder ensemble.

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Wisemann Junior Alto Saxophone

$899.00 inc GST

The Wisemann junior Sax is an alto sax designed with young beginners and smaller players in mind. Its tenor-sax-style neck brings the instrument closer to the player’s body and allows it to sit lower making for a more comfortable head position & the keywork has been designed for small hands.

Nuvo ABS Student Flute 2.0 Outfit

$325.00 inc GST

Lightweight & durable White ABS Plastic Resin flute that is perfect for the young beginner….and they sound amazing!

The NUVO Flute series has been highly acclaimed by teachers and professional musicians around the world. As well as being perfect for young starters, the NUVO flute also makes an exciting alternate flute for a hobbyist or accomplished flute player. Give it a try! You will be surprised and thrilled by the loud and responsive tone.

Nuvo Clarineo ‘C’ Clarinet Outfit

$249.00 inc GST

The Nuvo Clarineo is a lightweight & durable ABS Plastic Clarinet with a great tone & is pitched in the key of C. It is much lighter and smaller than a Bb clarinet, making it ideally suited for young starters ages 4 to 12, for school programmes or beginners of any age.