tc helicon logoTC Helicon is focused on creating high quality sounds for vocalists. They have a range of products suitable for live performers needing to add an extra layer of dimension to their performance, as well as for the studio enthusiast after a great sound to record.

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TC Helicon GoXLR Desk Stand

$105.00 inc GST

The TC Helicon GoXLR Desk Stand is designed to suit the GoXLR. This stand keeps the GoXLR at the perfect angle for you to use while your stream. You won’t have to find yourself leaning over it to find the right button!

TC Helicon GoXLR Online Broadcaster

$919.00 inc GST

The TC Helicon GoXLR is a feature packed audio interface designed for online broadcasting. Use samples to drop in sound effects with quick and easy to use buttons, and change your voice on the fly. The GoXLR also has customisable lights to match your rig.

TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2

$329.00 inc GST

The TC Helicon HARMONY SINGER 2 lets you supercharge your vocal performance with either one or two harmony singers instantaneously! Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-use stompbox format, HARMONY SINGER 2 provides your choice of 8 harmony styles – all controlled via your guitar. Also included are studio-grade reverbs, our proprietary Adaptive Tone, and hands-free mic gain setting, making HARMONY SINGER 2 a must-have for any band or solo artist.

TC Helicon Critical Mass Vocal Effect Pedal

$179.00 inc GST

The TC Helicon Critical Mass is an amazing vocal doubling/harmony pedal. This pedal has 8 different options that can turn your voice into a luscious choir. Use the blend knob to control how much of the effect is coming through, and also dial in the reverb.

TC Helicon Voicelive Play Vocal Multi Effects Pedal

$459.00 inc GST

The TC Helicon Voicelive Play brings all the fantastic TC vocal effects into one unit. Create your own vocal effects or choose from over 200 presets based on songs and artists. Easily add harmonies, double tracking, reverb, compression, and more to your voice!