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Klotz Cables KIK Keyboard Instrument Kable

Klotz kik KIKG9.0PP1 9 Metre Instrument with Rubberized Gold Straight Ends - Made in Germany

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Klotz Cables KIK Keyboard Instrument Kable 1
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For over thirty years, KLOTZ instrument, microphone, speaker and patch cables have been music to the ears of all musicians. 
Klotz Cables are developed in partnership with the world's finest guitar and bass players including Joe Bonamassa, TM Stevens and Scorpions legend Matthias Jabs. The cables have earned top status in live and studio work with amateurs and pros alike.

The Cable
  • Low Capacity 
  • Double SHielding
  • Authentic and noiseless signal transmission
  • Profession, breakproofed Klotz plug connector, soldered
  • Very Flexible
The Assembly
  • The Klorz ais factory uses a 3-time quality assurance system for each Klotz AIS KIK Cable.
5 Year Warranty!

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