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Mayson D1CFE

Dreadnought Solid-top Acoustic/Electric Guitar with cutaway.

RRP: $799.00 inc GST
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Solid Top 
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Mayson D1 Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar
With Mahogany Back & Sides and either a Solid Engelmann Spruce or Solid Cedar top, this guitar is exceptional value for money. You simply have to play one to appreciate how well these respond.
Engelmann yields a slightly more aged tone than Sitka spruce and soft Cedar has a darker look and yields the kind of warmth that finger stylists and players with a light-to medium touch will love.
Mayson guitars are made using visible and non-visible technical concepts that greatly improve sound, stability, strength and aesthetics:

  • The neck-body joint is a special, much stronger design than conventional joints. It allows better resonance of the top as well as a more stable fingerboard. The truss rod construction assures that it's tension works there where it is needed: in the neck, not affecting the top board.
  • The headstock is computer-cut from the same piece of African mahogany used to make the neck. The V-shape cut maximises the glue surface adding strength to this fragile part of the guitar. It also secures the mounting angle and direction for an evenly spread string tension of more than 80kg.
  • The machine head ground plates are embedded in the headstock, eliminating possibility of sideways rotation as result of string tension. Other designs include fixation by a screw, weakening the strength of the headstock.
  • The traditional X-bracing was dropped in favour of a custom longitudinal design for improved reverberation. Using very tight margins while selecting the top wood allow us to minimize mass in the bracing patterns, preventing 'overbraced' and thus too stiff tops.
  • The kerfed lining used for mounting back, sides and top are computer cut following our special design. Shape, kerf size and spacing are dynamic, adapted to the mounting position in the guitar for a perfect balance between flexibility and strength. The top is mounted with granular material braces, conducting the sound more easily to the sides, enhancing the top's elasticity and vibration.
  • Lastly, thicker bodies are used for a richer sound and better low frequency response.
body style:   dreadnought shape with cutaway
top wood:   solid Engelmann spruce or cedar
back and sides wood:   mahogany
neck wood:   mahogany
fingerboard wood:   Indian rosewood with MOP dots
bridge wood:   Indian rosewood
  electronics:    Fishman Sonitone
top finish:   gloss
neck finish:   gloss
pickguard:   transparent
machine heads:   nickel 372-AS
saddle and nut:   bone
strings:   DR DragonSkin coated 12- 54
truss rod:   double action
scale length:   645mm
body length:   550mm
body width:   390mm
body depth:   122mm
top nut width:   45mm

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RRP: $799.00 inc GST
Sale Price: $559.00 inc GST
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Solid Top 
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