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Fender 1964 Bassman Piggyback Amplifier ORIGINAL Blonde **SOLD**

'64 Fender Bassman Head & 2 x 12" Cabinet - finsihed in original blonde tolex this amp is in fantastic condition & sounds amazing.

RRP: $5,000.00 inc GST
1964 Bassman Piggyback Amplifier ORIGINAL Blonde **SOLD**
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1964 Fender Bassman Piggyback Amplifier
6G6-B Head & 2 x 12" Cabinet
Serial# BP11651
This '64 Bassman Piggyback is in fantastic condition. It is a one-owner amp & sat unused for many years. As such, the capacitors required replacing. (we still have the old ones in a ziplock bag for reference) Apart from this, this pre-CBS Bassman is completely original & sounds incredible, justifying why these amps are held in such high regard amongst guitarists.
The Fender "tube location" sticker is rubber-stamped with the two-letter date code that indicates it was made in September of 1964.
Some Fender Bassman Piggyback model History
In late 1960, Fender introduced a completely redesigned model 6G6 Bassman Amp, using the "piggy-back" design, in which the amplifier chassis is housed in a small cabinet, attached by metal clips to a larger separate speaker enclosure.

The early models were called "Brownface" because of the dark brown color used on the control panel. The 6G6 model was covered in rough Blonde colored Tolex material with Oxblood colored grill cloth. It had a single GZ34 rectifier, two 5881/6L6GC power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes. The output was 50 watts at 8 ohm into a single 12 inch speaker, with a "Tone Ring" baffle in the speaker cabinet. In early 1961, model 6G6-A was introduced with a solid state rectifier replacing the GZ34, and two 12 inch speakers with a conventional baffle in a slightly larger cabinet (wired in parallel) with a 4 ohm output. In 1962, model 6G6-B was introduced, which incorporated circuit changes but used the same speaker configuration. In 1963 smooth Blonde Tolex covering was used instead of the early rough texture cover, and a light tan grill cloth.

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RRP: $5,000.00 inc GST
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