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Martin D-76 Bicentennial *** SOLD ***

RARE 1976 D-76 Bicentennial Limited Edition Vintage Acoustic Guitar.
BRAND NEW - Still in original Martin Factory packaging.

RRP: $15,000.00 inc GST
D-76 Bicentennial  *** SOLD ***
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Brand NEW | Unopened | STILL IN ORIGINAL FACTORY SHRINK WRAP! | Serial#375315

No, your eyes are not deceiving you and it is not a typo... this Martin D-76 Bi-Centennial limited edition acoustic guitar has never been opened!
Martin made only 1,976 of this model & as such they are highly sought after by collectors worldwide. The serial number is #375315.
This instrument was purchased by our store back when it was released and stored as part of our vintage collection.
The images of the guitar on this listing are examples only obviously as we can't photograph our guitar, only the unopened carton as shown. 
Surely there isn't another one of these in the world brand new & still in the unopened carton?!!

We recently received some correspondence from a lucky Australian owner of one of these guitars, who asked if we'd add his owner's viewpoint to our listing - this is what he has to say:

"I bought one of these babies back in 1977 in Adelaide, brand new. This model is the only guitar that Martin issued with a lifetime transferable warranty.
Having one of this models puts a person into some select company! Willy Nelson has one, Johnny Cash had one (his sold for $51,000) Slim Dusty had one that Anne Kirkpatrick now has, & all of the Eagles bought one.
It's an amazing guitar and still has not really reached its worth. Mine is beautifully played in and the tone is to be believed! It's one of the major loves of my life. Mine cost $2300 in 1977, so $15000 is about the same value as then. Worth every cent, I assure you! 
I absolutely adore my D76. The tone blows everyone away whenever they hear it. There have been critics saying it's a D28 with bling or a D35 without neck binding, but trust me, and I spoke to Chris Martin III about this in Adelaide years ago. It was a guitar designed from the ground up for the American Bi-Centennial. Chris Martin said that never again will C.F. Martin make a guitar with a lifetime transferable warranty.
The D76 has the bass of a D35 and the treble of a D18/28 and has a unique sound. The D76 has not yet reached its true value as a collectable guitar, but it will! One of the probs is that there were only 1976 of them made, so spread Worldwide, it's a thin knowledge of them. I understand that Australia was issued with 9 originally. I was lucky enough to get one of them.
If you need any further info, let me know, but don't let it go cheap!"
Fred B.

We have had several enquiries querying the factory sealing of the guitar. Yes, Martin did seal these guitars - we know this as we bought two of these at their release, sold one & kept this one. It's quite interesting that a few people have said to us that there are other used D76 out there for much less. While that's true, those are all second hand / used guitars, while this is still a brand new instrument. What will happen to it's value once it's not new any more? Possibly a bit like buying a new car I guess, but people still do that too. :-)

Once purchased, if desired by the buyer, we can open the carton & restring & set the guitar up - that is completely the purchaser's decision. If, though highly unlikely, there is any fault found with the instrument then the sale would not be binding. Can't be fairer than that!

Martin D-76
Martin D-76
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RRP: $15,000.00 inc GST
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